Everything You Need to Know About Abortion For Teens by Janet Morana

A pervasive belief in the U.S. is that women and girls need access to legal abortion to be successful in their lives. Nothing is more important than abortion, young women are told. Not family support, education, faith, hard work, personal responsibility or opportunity. Everywhere they turn, today’s youth are bombarded with the message that abortion is normal and even good and they have few resources to tap into if they want to learn the truth. In Everything You Need to Know About Abortion – For Teens these dangerous lies are exposed while the truth about the harm abortion causes to women, men and society is spelled out in easy-to-understand chapters each built around a central theme. Janet Morana introduces readers to the unborn child and to the brutal methods used to kill this most innocent victim. Her strong, impactful and practical message leaves no doubt that abortion is not only non-essential, but harmful. If you would like more information about bulk pricing. Please contact us at (888) 735-3448 or email orders@priestsforlife.org
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