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How To Encourage Your Priest To Be Actively Pro-Life

This brochure answers one of the most frequently asked questions in the prolife movement. It shows how a postive and constructive approach can build a productive relationship between priests and pro-life activists.

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Reflections on Terri Schiavo

The CD contains Fr. Frank Pavone's stirring "Reflections on Terri Schiavo" - a forty-minute talk.

When Life Begins: Matter of Belief or Matter of Fact?

This is the brochure to give the person who doesn't think life begins at conception.

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How blessed we are to have all of you storming the gates of the abortion industry and keeping us informed as activists. As our Respect for Life chairman...I try to keep our Church racks replenished with your brochures.... We especially place in our racks: "When Life Begins", "Abortion: None of your business" and "Religious Beliefs: Abortion and the Law". Our faithful will say: "This is perfect. I know someone who does not share my belief. Now I can brush up my knowledge and share this with them." We are evangelizing constantly with others in other faiths, and among our own Catholics.